The Makings of Wonderful

I’m a mom, and I know that bows should be just as safe and comfortable as they are fun. I used to hate when bows left red marks on my daughter’s head. And because I used to buy tons of bows, It would happen often. I also know how expensive it can be to maintain a fresh collection. The worst part was when flimsy bows broke apart after just a few uses. I always felt bad about throwing them out because I knew how much my daughter loves her bows.   

When I pay for something I expect quality! I searched for the right bows everywhere: Etsy, Amazon, Target. If it wasn’t a lack of quality or style variety, then it was too expensive. This is why I created WonderBows.

I make sure to design every one of my WonderBows with soft materials to avoid red marks, so you don’t have to worry about whether they’re too tight or uncomfortable. They’ll look great and fit perfectly!  Plus, I never compromise quality for cheap materials. After all, this is a subscription box; you’re supposed to receive unique, quality products and save money.

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